Welcome to Vermigrow Products.  Home to the finest organically approved, manufacturer direct, fortified earthworm castings based “tea” available anywhere!

Why do we believe our products are so good?  The basic reason is simply because we have been doing this for 20+ years and have learned a few things about how to create the most potent organic amendments along the way.

It all begins with our earthworms that dine on only the best feedstocks and continues throughout our manufacturing processes. For some more details on our creating organic products. For a quick look at our “brewery” please click here

It really makes little difference what you’re growing, how much you grow, if you grow conventionally or focus on organic only, Vermigrow will help you produce more quality product for less cost.  For detailed product benefits just click here

Vermigrow Products feed your soil’s “food web” more effectively developing it’s root zone.  This dramatically affects how efficiently available nutrients are assimilated by any plant.  Benefits of a fully developed soil food web are numerous and shown in detail here.

 To access some impartial studies of what good earthworm based products can do for your soil and your specific growing needs please visit our library

As your plants become more efficient two major benefits occur… 

First, no matter what your current fertilizer program entails the addition of Vermigrow products will make it more effective today. 

And because our products are inexpensive by comparison you’ll save $$ right from the start.  Please check our site and contact us with specific needs.

Second, as your plants root zone becomes more fully developed, including a strong army of beneficial microbes, the overall health of any plant and its ability to ward off disease will be dramatically increased.  Please visit our resources area  for more information.

And continued, regular applications of Vermigrow products will help your growing efforts not just this season but will actually become an increasing benefit for seasons to come. Visit this link for examples of product applications

Whether you decide to only use Vermigrow castings, take advantage of the ease of use, economics and added nutritional value of Vermigrow tea, or decide to go for the ultimate 1-2 punch by combining both of these powerful products they’ll work for you.  Click here for test results

So please check out site, what our products offer and then contact us for a quote.  We’ll make it easy and your plants (and wallet) will thank you for it! 

So let’s get started…