The Vermigrow Brewery

Welcome to our brewing facility!

Home of (7) 1000 gallon tanks which all work together to “brew” enough for one semi truck tanker delivery of 6000 gallons.

Each brew cycle takes only a few days from start to completion allowing Vermigrow enhanced earthworm casting tea to be produced at a 50,000 gallon monthly level even at current production levels.

This insures that when your operation needs a fresh batch of tea it will be available when you need it.

And it get’s even better…

What if all the benefits of the freshest  Vermigrow tea were able to be put “asleep” until it was time for them to get to work? 

Until recently, this was considered impossible but our master brewer has figured out just how to do this…EVERY TIME!

Our premium “stabilized tea” is perfect for those that want to take advantage of bulk delivery pricing without having to apply immediately.

Yet another option for those that would prefer to “brew onsite”, we offer various systems sized for your specific needs and applications.  And, we are setting up a limited # of strategic partners for those looking to offer under the Vermigrow Co-Brand opportunity. 

So no matter your organic or conventional growing needs, Vermigrow Products has an effective, economical and profitable solution for your growing needs! 

For a no stress quote that accurately reflects your growing business contact us today.