Product Applications

All Vermigrow Products are Organically Approved by…

And as the rotating pictures to the right, and the bullets below briefly indicate , our products benefit both a wide variety of growing applications no matter of the size of the effort. 

Vermigrow Products help create a healthier root zone leading to happier plants/less pests and more abundant, highest quality yields for:

    •         Commercial       Ideal for both Organic and Conventional
    •         Vineyards         Many Benefits and especially to stimulate bud break
    •         Golf Courses     Great for sensitive areas like putting greens
    •         Landscapers     Saves Plants, Saves Time, Saves $$
    •         Nurseries          Packaged, Bulk Product and Brew Systems
    •         CSA’s               Our Manufacturer Direct Program is Ideal
    •         Urban Ag          Offering large scale benefits to smaller growers
    •         Residential       Creating value through residential real estate

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