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Here you’ll find an expanding library of information on the value of earthworms and organics to plants of all types that began over 600 Million Years Ago…


Charts and Diagrams

Annual Planting Schedule

SARE Poster

Soil Food Web Diagrams


Compost Tea

Brewing Compost Tea’s

Compost Tea Notes

Compost Teas Help Flowers

Microbial Starter Compost Tea

Ohio State University

Positive Effects of Vermicompost Teas

Tea Time


Farming & Gardening


Garden Benefits

Organic Farming

Organic Tomato Success

The Growing Fresh Food Movement

Tomato Success with Foliar Spray

Vineyard Compost


Golf Resources

GC Turf Compost

Golf New Year’s Resolutions

Organic GC’s

Organic Golf


Vermi Compost

Compost for Plant Disease Control

Insect Repellency

Vermi Composts

Vermicompost Waste Conversion

Why Is Vermicompost So Good Anyway?

Worm Revolution


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